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MBA IT Program By Tribhuvan University Details

What is MBA IT?

Masters of Business Administration in Information Technology (MBA IT) is 2 years (4 Semesters) master’s degree program offered by the School of Management Tribhuvan University (SOMTU). This program is designed with the aim of developing professional skills in students that can use information technology in every business organization.

This program strives both to deepen knowledge in applied business administration and develop information and communication skills relevant for business and management careers. In a short, MBA IT is the perfect blend of Information Technology and Management.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare dedicated IT business leaders for the development of Nepal with global perspectives.
  • Develop self-motivated and competent IT entrepreneurs, equipped with the capacity to start their own IT Business. 
  • To produce skillful manpower with problem-solving capabilities in the field of software development.
  • To prepared IT entrepreneurs who can create jobs and contribute to the nation’s economy.
  • To produce the managers who can blend the IT into the business firms successfully with great understanding.

Major Project in IT

Students are required to undertake project assignments and prepare as integrative project reports in the field of information technology. It involves the preparation and presentation of the project of approximately 30,000 words in length. Students are required to attend a viva-voce examination and give a seminar presentation.

The weight given for viva-voce and the research report will be 40% and 60% respectively. For the evaluation of the project, the Graduate Research Committee (GRC) at SOMTU will appoint the external examiner. A student must secure a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.7 or Grade B minus (B-) in a course in order to be eligible to appear in the semester-end examination of that course. 

Who is Eligible For MBA IT?

The minimum qualification required to apply for the program are as follows: A minimum Bachelor’s Degree in BIT, BIM, BCA, BSc. CSIT, BCIS, and BE (Computer/ Electronics/Communication or in any engineering subject area) with a minimum CGPA score of 2 or 45 percent in the annual system.

To receive MBA IT degree the student must have

  • A ‘B’ minus or better grade in each of the courses as specified in the curricular structure section;
  • Obtained an overall CGPA of 3.0 or better after combining the GPAs obtained in all courses and projects;
  • Completed all the course requirements as specified in the curricular structure section within the maximum time period specified in the normal and maximum duration of the study section.

Admission Process

Due to the higher demand for the program, from the year 2020, SOMTU has increased the number of students (Seat) from 20 t0 30. So, 30 capable and enthusiastic students will be selected for the MBA IT program each year.

There are three phases of the screening evaluations you have to go through. They are

1. Written Examination

  • Math – 50 marks
  • English – 50 marks

2. Group Discussion and Individual Presentation

The topic will be given for group discussion. Present your strong logic about specific topics in front of the judges.  Also, the topic will be given for individual presentations. You have to explain the given topic within 5 minutes in front do the expert panel.

3. Personal Interview

This is the last phase of the admission process. You will be asked basic personal questions in this phase. You will be evaluated based on your presence and speaking skills.

After you are selected for the program, different topics will be given for live project report submission. You have to go to the real market and analyze the market and prepare the report and present it in front of the judges during the Socialization & Orientation Program. 

What is Total Cost For MBA IT?

As time passes, the cost of the MBA IT is also increasing. Talking about 2020, the total fee of the program is a total of Nrs. 506000. Here is the distribution-

Note 1 – Semester charges include semester examination fee and resource material in each of the courses during the whole academic period.

Note 2 – The cost of excursions and industrial tours outside Kathmandu valley will be shared by the students in the following manner:

  • Transportation and lodging cost: To be borne by the SOM.
  •  Food cost: To be paid by the students.

Curricular Structure of MBA IT

First Semester – 15 Cr. Hrs

Second Semester – 16 Cr. Hrs

Third Semester – 14 Cr. Hrs

Fourth Semester – 15 Cr. Hrs

Elective Courses

(Any two courses of 6 credit hours from one of the following groups) – 6. Cr. Hrs

Group 1: Information System

Group 2: Business Analytics

Group 3: Quality Control and System Audit

Group 4: Business  Innovation and Invention

Elective Courses (Any two courses from any of the following groups)

Group 1: Information System

MIT 601: Decision Support System 

MIT 602: Enterprises Resources Planning

MIT 603: Supply Chain Management Information System

MIT 604: Marketing Information System

Group 3: Business Analytics

MIT 611: Business Intelligence

MIT 612: Big Data and Business Analytics

MIT 613: Corporate Knowledge Management

MIT 614: Expert System Design

Group 3: Quality Control and System Audit

MIT 621: Quality Control and Assurance

MIT 622: Information System Audit

Group 4: Business Innovation and Invention

MIT 631: Technology Management

MIT 632: Offshore and Outsource Business

MIT 633: IT Entrepreneurship 

MBA IT program

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